Stacking Pots

  • Usage: Dish ware
  • Architects: DDAA inc.
  • Project Team: Daisuke Motogi / Matias Carbone
  • Production: Mie Takahashi
  • Date of completion: Feb/2018
  • Photo: Kenta Hasegawa
  • Shapes to enjoy casualness and randomness
  • In general, stackable tableware is designed to stack a smaller piece on top of a larger piece in order to store them in a "neat and tidy" manner, which is nice and functional. Instead of thinking in that direction, our idea was to come up with tableware shapes that can be stacked in casual and random manners, so that users can enjoy the process of stacking. By focusing on "casualness" and "randomness", we wanted to think about more "tolerant" design rather than "right" design offering perfect shapes/functions and contributing to human life.

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